The difference 

She was never yours And she sure as hell was never mine  The difference between us is that I know that she isn’t a property to claim The other difference is I have never loved anyone as much as I loved her  And you well you have never loved anyone as much as you loved…

Green eyed monster

The night seemed like any other night outPoorly lit bar The smell of stale cigarettes all around  Music so loud I could barely hear myself think… But none of that mattered cause I was there with you  You were in the middle of a pretty dramatic story and in all honesty I didn’t hear a…


The bitter queen sits on her throne as she lets out a scream she soon realizes she’s all alone she pushed everyone she loved away but sadly all she was trying to do was keep her demons at bay 

Dear Mom and Dad

I love you both so don’t take this the wrong way. I also know that this all is probably just a bunch of excuses since you both did everything you could to make sure I would be okay when you both passed but I gotta a whole lot of feelings and maybe I’m just not…

I’m still here

It took me along time to trust and to move on and even then he would still haunt my dreams. Making me wonder if I had made some type of mistake  But then there was you You totally captivated me  You were completely intoxicating  You took over my whole brain  I couldn’t think of anyone…


I watched the lights burn out in your eyes  One day you were there so full of joy so full of life  And the next you where gone  The fire inside of you died out  It was like watching the most beautiful sunset fade into complete blackness with no hope of return 


Letting go is the best thing you can do  even if it means ripping out your own heart…. even if it mean watching all of your hopes and dreams fade away  Even when it’s honestly the last thing you want to do  Sometimes letting go doesn’t mean saving yourself sometimes letting go means you are…

Underneath The Mask

you never truly know whats going on under the mask. people always think they know the real you but they never do even if i open up to you, you probably still aren’t seeing the whole me. everyone has a mask everyone has something they are trying to hide most of the times its their…


I’m screaming out for help you pretend like you can’t hear me  It’s just keeps getting darker and darker around me  The water fills my lungs choking me to death  There’s no way out  No way out  I’m sinking deeper and deeper under water 


If I had to describe myself I would probably say I’m like broken glass Shattered into a million pieces and sharp Can’t be put back together and mostly likely will hurt you if you try to pick me up